Body Vanity
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Body Vanity

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My "body vanity" sculptures are both decorative and functional works of art. Use it as a vanity, store small treasures on the shelf that rests on the hip, keep your rings organized on the ring holder attached to the shelf, or simply keep the piece in a special place and admire it from afar.

These sculptures are shaped from porcelain, glazed, and fired in an electric kiln. The mirror is attached with a strong epoxy and is quite sturdy. They measure approximately 9 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and 3.5 inches deep.

Cleaning instructions: Clean the mirror as you would any other mirror. The body can simply be wiped with a wet or dry cloth to remove dust.

*** This piece in particular is a "second", meaning it has a slight imperfection and is discounted accordingly. There is a chip on the bottom that is not visible unless picked up and inspected.